About us

Kaslar LTD” is in the market since it’s foundation at 1989 and has more than 25 years of experience on producing and exporting high quality hazelnuts to the different parts of the world.

Production of high quality hazelnut is the main basic object for our company. “Kaslar LTD” exports natural and processed hazelnut to vast majority of large consumers in Russia, Ukraine, Italy and other European countries.

Main production factory is placed in Zaqatala, Azerbaijan where the best hazelnuts grow. Factory has 2400 sq m of production area, its capacity totals 120-150 tons of final product per month due to the modern equipment.

“Kaslar LTD” has reliable partners in hazelnut production in Zugdidi, Georgia and Ordu, Turkey. According to customers’ demands “Kaslar LTD” can export hazelnuts directly from Azerbaijan, Georgia or Turkey.

“Kaslar LTD” is a customer-oriented company, which aims to satisfy client with high quality ecologically pure product at reasonable price.